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Scenarized scripted missions for PTO combat flying

Pacific Theater X : F-4U (& P-38L), Marines.

"Video demo of the US Marines Base and the scripted combat ability for IJ Navy."

Features List for Pacific Theater to be added :

1. PBY patroling : voice reconing air and ship targets (pending)
2. Random routes of ships or/and bombers heading towards Marines Base (pending)
3. Wingman recons bombers, ships, ground targets.(Script done)
4. Fighting user IJN Ships (Script done)
5. Fighting user IJN Bombers (Script done - AA effects ?)
6. IJN Base under Flak protection (Script done - and add AAA effects also)
7. IJN Bombers, bomb Marines Base if reach there (pending)
8. IJN Base with static targets (almost - planes, ships, invisible scenery targets).
9. Repairing - Refueling after landing to Base (Script done)
10. Marines Base moving scenery objects (almost)
11. Naval Battle USN - IJN (pending)
12. "Direct hit. Target destroyed" voice overs (script done)
13. AI Playback dogfights with bombers (script done).
14. Detailed damage model if user is hit (pending)

US Marines Base

Pacific Photoreal scenery via Photoreal Cook Islands (FSX/P3D)

"Basic Concept : User defends Marines Base from IJN Bombers & Ship attacks, while attacks the IJN Base. Maybe needed additional sortie/s after RTB for Rearming/Repairing/Refuelling the plane.
You'll be flying as No2. Your leader is responsible of leading you to action, back to Base and covering you from above while you're doing the dirty job..."