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Verdun Feb. 1916 : Battle of Azannes

Scenarized scripted missions for WWI Single & Multiplayer flying (via JoinFS)

Download Here WWI Verdun 1916 Missions (FSX & P3Dv3)

Features List for Verdun 1916 (Allies version) :

1. Fokker and SPAD AIs that dynamicall engage and damage user/s.(Script done)
2. Allied Ground Convoy advancing to capture Azannes (Script done)
3. Static Axis Defending Ground Forces at Azannes, that will destroy the advancing Allied forces, if not destroyed by RFC user/s (Script done)
4. AI SPAD and Fokkers stop chasing users when they evade few miles away of Azannes town (Script done)
5. Added script for remaining AI Fokkers and Spads to re-engage, if user flies subsequent sorties after landing. (Script done)
6. Re-Arming allowed only at Base. If user hits "W" while Airborne, he's teleported back to Airfield (Script done)
7. Static Flak AI, protecting Axis ground forces that can damage RFC user/s (Script done)
8. Repair - Refuel - Rearm ability, after landing back to base, for subsequent sorties (Script done)

Verdun RFC Airfield scenery

Jasta pilots version :

"Battle of Azannes : Friendly forces from Ornes town, will try to recapture Azannes town. Your task as a RFC pilot, will be to provide CAS by taking the Axis defending forces out. Otherwise friendly forces will not be able to advance up to Azannes. At the same time, beware of Fokkers at the area, as also of the Flak unit protecting the Axis ground forces... Recapture of Azannes is up to you RFC pilots !"

Map of the area of operations