Development News from the Front - Current Project : Normandy 1944

Normandy 1944 News (March. '17)
FSX platform based Normandy 1944 Scripted Combat Scenarios Simulation : Tacpack, FSX@War destructible targets, Mission System scripted interactive environment (voice overs, Flak, AIs, etc), Normandy high resolution photoreal scenery & autogen. For Single & Multiplayer cooperative flying (with JoinFS).

Pre - Final release, fully functional version Download Link :


Download here

This project is possible due to the work of many other authors and creators of FS community. AI planes, Airport sceneries, military objects libraries, photoscenery & autogen, aircraft liveries, etc. are in use to recreate the WF 1944 combat sorties scenarios. See full credits list.

NORMANDY 1944 overview video demo :

Tangmere Airfield :

and Tangmere Airfield VFR

Basic Concept & General Info

This project mainly concerns users that want to log flight hours* in a WWII setting as a squadron's pilot in FSX/P3Dv3, using weapon addons like Tacpack to fullfil their sorties tasks. User will be able to fly in a variety of sorties, mainly of the ground attack type and destroy targets like bridges, trains, moving vehicles and ships, fuel & ammo depots while at the same time, real threats from ground / surface like Flak fire as also from airborne hostile fighter and bomber AIs will challenge his return to Base.

In addition, an FSX@War Normandy theater will provide target destruction consistency through out subsequent sorties for a campaign style of flying in this interactive environment. AI Wingman's help will be critical, since he can detect ground, surface and aerial targets and threats and vocally inform No 1 user, thus helping player to spot and attack the targets.

* User may keep a logbook of his sorties and targets destroyed.

Normandy 1944 Mission Types :


- Ground Attack (static FSX@War targets) : Railstations, Ports, Bridges, Logistics stractures, AA defences

- Search & destroy (moving units) : Vehicle columns, tanks, Boats

- B-17G Escort

- Enemy Bombers & Fighters Interception

- V1 Flying Bomb Inteception

AIs of Western Front & attack at Caen's Railstation :

Some Types of Targets :

Boat with Flak defence

Fuel depots




FSX@WAR Normandy 1944 theater under development :
Preserves & accumulates targets damage throughout subsequent sorties, by saving the FSX@War campaign after each flight, until all targets have been destroyed - Havre's Port bombed :

Specific Info :

Normandy 1944 scripted Features List progress :


- New task assignment for user, each time he reflies the mission, randomly chosen amongst over 20 different target - place combinations. (FSX@War targets under construction - for campaign flying - incomplete)

- AI Typhoon Wingman you can control, capable of detecting aerial and ground / sufrace targets and threats.(almost complete)

- German AI Fighters dynamically directing towards user capable of damaging him (done)

- Ground Flak units capable of damaging user (done)

- German Boats with Flak defences (as above) (done)

- Moving vehicles with Flak ability (as above) (done)

- German Bombers with AA firing capable gunners (done)

- V1 Flying Bomb Inteception type of Task added (10March'17) (done)

Google Operational Map :

NW France Photoreal scenery & Autogen :

OZx France Photoreal Scenery

Autogen from F-BMPL.com

For anyone interested of installing this photoscenery, since has great resolution thus it's big, you'll be
needing to download only the "Part_1" (this is west France, while part_2's are east France) from 31N
down to 28N (or even southern if you prefer). 30N is at the D-Day Invasion beaches.

Bombers with active Gunners :

V1 Flying Bomb Interception :

B-17 Bombers Escort

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